Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Song Update with Links to Free Downloads #1

List of songs updated here with free downloads
The Music Composed and Performed by Robert Lattin
Song Update #1
with Links to 
Free Downloads 

This is update #1 for my Songs About blog.
At your right is a list of "songs about" with clickable links.
These are not the song titles, nor the genre. Sometimes the title will not tell you what the song is actually about, especially the instrumentals

And by listing by genre here does not really help. I want you to listen to the songs based on what they're about. I will tell you this that there is no country, pop or rap songs. Most are rock, acoustic guitar, horror music and theme music.

Many of the songs listed are free to download or stream, some you have the option to buy.
The links may take you to Reverbnation, SoundCloud, CD Baby, or YouTube. Some links take you to a post I wrote about the song either on this site or on pages of my main site Rob Lattin Super Blog.

So take a look at the right and pick out a song that may interest you. As always, please share the song with others - I truly appreciate it!


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