Friday, April 1, 2016

A Song About LOVE

A Song About LOVE

How do you write a song about love? There are thousands of songs about love. Love lost, love found. Teenage love, parental love. Too much love, no love. Beautiful love, hurt love. When a man loves a woman, when a woman loves a man. When a love walks out the door, when a love comes back home.

How about pure love? Or love from above, as Mark Farner puts it. How about the greatest love of all? How about the source of Love?

Truth is, there will also be thousands more of love songs, songs about love. Love the emotion, love as a will, Love as a Being: we'll never be able to capture it on one single song.

Words can't really describe it, so I've written a love song with no words, no singing, no hints even.
I recently mixed down the final "Love, the Instrumental." Yes. One way to capture love in music is through an instrumental, where the notes evoke images, feelings, thoughts.

This particular songs opens with a mild blues theme and switches into mild jazz with a climax of jazz-rock-folk fusion. Go to Google Play to hear it. It's part of my new 5 song EP entitled "Instrumentally Yours". Carefully listen to my flute solo with electric guitar accompaniment.

What images pop up in your head? Not sad, yet glorious? Growing and developing perhaps. Sacrifice, sharing, understanding. The clay is in your hands to form a picture of Love.

Obviously not your typical song you'll hear on the radio. It's as unique as Love itself, is it not?

This song is available at Google Play. Listen to "Love, the Instrumental" And I do hope you'll love the instrumental! If you love or hate this song, let me know.


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